May mercy, peace and love, be multiplied to you! Jude 1:2

Grant AME, LB is a place: Where all receive a little attention, affection & love!




Long Beach, California



Watch Night Service

Sunday, Dec 31, 2018, 6 PM - 8 PM, Sermonettes, Testimonials, Praise, Prayer and Candlelighting

Mothers of Murdered Youth & Children

The annual Five Block Walk and Concert, Sunday, May 5, 2019, 3:00 PM acknowledging mothers of murdered youth and children. Open to all, featuring comedians, entertainers, community activists an those who care.


                                   SERMON SERIES

Pastor scheduled to preach March 31 in Little Rock

Pastor's March 17th sermon: But You, 2 Timothy 4:5

Pastor's Pentacost series: The Book of Acts, Chapters 2 through 6

Pastor's December 2018 PREACHING message: Are You ready for the Revelation?

Pastor's December 2018 PREACHING series: Unschooled, Untrained but They Had Been with Jesus

Pastor's November series: Ezekiel, Send Them the Message

                           Pastor's other engagements:

Pastor Eagle TEACHING at Ward AME’s Men’s Retreat, in San Bernardino, CA, Friday, May 4, 2018

Pastor Eagle PREACHING at Grant AME, Los Angeles’ Revival, May 7, 2018

Pastor Eagle SINGING at Price Chapel, Los Angeles’ SCC Lay Organization, May 10, 2018

Pastor Eagle SINGING at Price Chapel, Los Angeles' Singing Ministers Program, Nov 18, 2018

Pastor Eagle PREACING at Grant AME, LB - Are You Ready for the Revelation?, Dec 2, 2018










Who is This Jesus? Pt’s 1 – 3

He Came

Wake Up, Shut Up and Get Up!

The Walk to Emmaus

They Spit on Him, Slapped Him and Beat Him!




May 5th: Mothers of Murdered Youth and Children (MOMYC), 5 block Walk 3: 00 PM; Political Leaders, Community Activists, Actors, Entertainers, in the Sanctuary 3:30 PM

April 17: The 7 Last Words, Pastor's Tillman, Bethel CME, R Murry, Holy Trinity AME, S Richardson, Development Ministres, M Eagle, Grant AME, 6:00 PM - More details to come

March 31: Missionary Day Speakers: Dr Lester Reams and Exhorter Sis Barbara Farley

March 17: CLUE Clergy & Laity United Speaker, Guillermo Torres,  along with Gentrification Update

March 10: Chief Robert Luna and family, Long Beach Police Department Chief and Command Staff Sunday Brunch at Grant, LB

March 3: Gospel Songfest - Old Songs that Got us Over and Brought Us Through; The Sweet singing Cava-Leers, Greg Walker, The Grant AME Choir

February: Black History Month Guest Speakers: Dr Erique Emel, Physician-in-Charge, Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Hills; Los Angeles Councilman Robert Farrell  (Retired)